Get Engaged!

In addition to a wide range of programs, our members have formed four committees that are at the core of our mission.

Chamber committees are led by a committee chair and vice-chair; and run by a group of dedicated chamber members who volunteer their time to serve. All committees interact and collaborate with each other to find synergies that exponentially benefit the chamber.

We encourage you to get engaged and join one of our committees. They are an excellent way to build relationships with other members and community leaders.

committee chairs

Programs Committee

The committee oversees and produces the chamber’s scheduled programs and annual events.

The committee is also responsible for approving events and programs produced by other committees.

Land and Sea Committee

The purpose of this committee is to ensure area consumer businesses that cater to land and/or sea lifestyle and adventure collectively grow, connect and educate about their products and services.

The committee’s leadership is responsible for engaging committee members and creating opportunities for the group to thrive.

The committee collaborates with other committees to provide the best programming for their members.

Membership Committee

The committee collaborates with the chamber’s leadership and board of directors on key strategies for member recruitment, engagement, and retention. The Membership Committee onboards new members and is responsible for engaging existing members to maximize their experience.

The committee collaborates with other committees in finding opportunities where chamber members can participate and remain involved.

Professional Development Committee

The committee offers members opportunities for professional development and continued education through a roster of training programs, round-table  forums, and networkers.

The committee collaborates with other committees for developing joint programs that meet the committee’s mission while keeping chamber members active and engaged.