Board of Directors

On behalf of our Board of Directors, thank you for your interest in the Greater Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce, and welcome!

Our organization is embarking on a new chapter in its 28-year history. We are energized, rebranding, expanding our social media presence, and attracting new business partners and members. We are coming alongside the newly founded Economic Development Council and the City of Deerfield Beach to make Deerfield Beach the premier community in South Florida to establish and grow your business and your family. Our aspirations and ambition are limitless. Our vision for the future is bright!

We are expanding our reach by going beyond our city limits. Karl Hess once said, “The most revolutionary thing you can do is to get to know your neighbors.” This is exactly what the Greater Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce is doing. We are opening our doors and getting to know our neighbors to continue fostering a healthy and inclusive business environment.

Warmest regards,

Betty Masi
Board of Directors, Chairperson

2018 Executive Committee

  • <h4>Betty Masi</h4>

    Betty Masi

    Seawood Builders
    Board Chair
  • <h4>Mark Dreyer</h4>

    Mark Dreyer

    The Dreyer Group
    Vice Chair
  • <h4>Tamra Davis</h4>

    Tamra Davis

    DMA Roofing Corporation
  • <h4>John Grimstad</h4>

    John Grimstad

    Edward Jones
    Finance Chair
  • <h4>Rick Jorden</h4>

    Rick Jorden

    JM Family Enterprises, Inc.
    Building Chair
  • <h4>Nicole Loughlin</h4>

    Nicole Loughlin

    Loughlin Law, P.A.
    Legal Counsel
  • <h4>Kiku Martinson</h4>

    Kiku Martinson

    Campbell & Rosemurgy
    Events Chair
  • <h4>Dave Mirantz</h4>

    Dave Mirantz

    Economic Dev. Council
    Gov. Relations Chair
  • <h4>Danielle Rosse</h4>

    Danielle Rosse

    Oceans 234
    Marketing Chair
  • <h4>Todd Wolf</h4>

    Todd Wolf

    A&S Total Cleaning
    Membership Chair
  • 1

2018 Directors

  • <h4>Carlo Barbieri</h4>

    Carlo Barbieri

    Oxford USA
  • <h4>Jerry Dubois</h4>

    Jerry Dubois

    JWR Construction Services
  • <h4>Erica French-Rubin</h4>

    Erica French-Rubin

    Intl. Society for Autism
  • <h4>Jose Garces</h4>

    Jose Garces

    TD Bank
  • <h4>Brooke Gold</h4>

    Brooke Gold

    People's Trust Insurance
  • <h4>Michael Hudak</h4>

    Michael Hudak

    SHL Group
  • <h4>Ed Lenner</h4>

    Ed Lenner

    Keller Williams
  • <h4>Jim Lusk</h4>

    Jim Lusk

    The Observer
  • <h4>Jim Mathie</h4>

    Jim Mathie

    Chiefy LLC
  • <h4>David Reece</h4>

    David Reece

    Lan Infotech
  • <h4>Gordon Vatch</h4>

    Gordon Vatch

    MinuteMan Press
  • 1